Hire a Tile Contractor

Important Steps To Consider When Hiring A Tile Contractor

When hiring a contractor it is important to follow these steps:
Step 1 – Always look for a contractor people you know have used. Word of mouth goes farther than anything else.
Step 2 – Check with your local secretary of state to make sure the contractor is legal.
Step 3 – Make sure the contractor has insurance to both cover for work mans comp, tile contractors and general liability, to cover any potential flaws – damages.
Step 4 – Make sure to look at photos of past jobs, so you can know what kind of quality to expect. Make sure your contractor has paperwork showing, layout, types of materials used, and scope of work. It is important to have everything in writing.

Make sure the contractor explains to you the timeline for work to be completed. A lot of people are misinformed about how long it takes to do a bathroom. Dry time is always involved in tile work. Usually a home owner will not be able to use their bathroom for 1-2 days. The same thing goes for a kitchen. Rest assured you can plan on eating pizza.

Before hiring the contractor be sure to ask them: Are you going to cover my floors so that my house does not see damage. Are you going to cut outside so my house does not become dusty? Are you going to remove the debris from my house? Did you allow for unforeseen cost issues that may arise from installation in your estimate? Although hiring someone to work in your house can be a gamble, at least you can put the odds on your side.